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Committed to Protecting Life and Property
North Highline Fire District (originally named King County Fire District #11) was founded in 1942. The District is a combination department with 24 career personnel and 10 (+/-) volunteer personnel operating out of two stations serving about 19,000 citizens in a three-and-a-half square mile unincorporated area located just south of the Seattle city limits. The District serves the citizens of Boulevard Park, Top Hat, Beverly Park, Shorewood, Mt. View, South Park and White Center. We responded to over 4500 calls for service in 2012.

A special meeting will be held on Monday, April 28, at 7:00 PM. The purpose of the meeting will be to discuss the district budget, revenues and finances to include, but not be limited to, discussion and possible action regarding Fire Benefit Charges under Chapter 52.18 RCW.


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Spring & Summer Safety

Now that the weather is becoming nicer and we get outdoors again, it's time to remember the following safety tips:

When Doing Yard Work:

  • Never operate a lawn mower in your bare feet.
  • Never start a mower indoors.
  • Never leave your lawn mower unattended.
  • Don't use electrical mowers on wet grass.
  • Always were eye protection when operating power tools.
  • Make sure tools are in the "off" position before you plug them in.
  • Unplug all tools when not in use.

When Cooking on the Barbecue:

  • Always supervise a barbecue grill when in use.
  • Never barbecue indoors.
  • Keep children and pets far away from the grill.
  • With charcoal grills, only use charcoal starter fluids designed for bargecue grills and do not add fluid after the coals have been lit.
  • With gas grills, be sure that the hose connection is tight and check hoses carefully for leaks.

When Using a Ladder:

  • Inspect the ladder before using it to make sure thre are no loose or broken rungs.
  • Never stand on a ladder's bucket shelf.
  • Extension ladders should not be placed at an angle that is too extreme.
  • Avoid using a metal ladder near electrical sources.